The Shelfish Giant, a story by Oscar Wilde,
by Ta Panta Fi Puppet Company.
…Every afternoon, as they were coming from school,
the children used to go and play in the Giant’s garden.
It was a large lovely garden, with soft green grass.
When the giant returnes fron his trip,
he expells the children and builds
a wall of prohobitive signs.
But,even the shelfiest giant,
how much can he bear
loneliness and winter?
Screenplay Adaptation : Kiki Maltsaki, Eirini Mastora
Scenery – puppets construction : Kiki Maltsaki, Eirini Mastora
Direction : Demitra Pemousi, Kiki Maltsaki, Eirini Mastora
Puppets Animation : Kiki Maltsaki, Eirini Mastora
Photogfraphs : Kostas Kostopoulos
Original Music : Fotini Tsaknaki
Brochure Design : Veroniki Diamantakou
Video : Tassos Hatzipanagos (
Production : Ta Panta Fi Puppet company
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